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August 15, 2006 - Nanjing, China


37 lovely degrees. Add in some humidity. Some - I mean lots, and by 8:30AM you have a perfect sauna.

Last night our AC was out and Ben & I both slept fitfully. I know. I know. Poor us, no AC… Its so bad the wet clothes don’t dry outside - they reach damp and stay there.

Matt & Molly arrived last night, exciting to meet them and hear more about Guyuan. I still have a hard time saying it. Goo-yu-en. Fast.

The huge disappointment of the evening was brought up early on. Huge.

No yaks in Guyuan.

Thats right, not a single one. Much less frolicking herds of nimble-footed yaks. How sad.

The amount of potatoes is not in question though. I can make yak-sized piles of potatoes if need be.

Tumbleweeds... and no comments. How 'bout livening things up?

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