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August 31, 2006 - Yinchuan, China

ECGs, Needles and X-Rays. Oh My!

Take two on the mandatory medical exams - we were at the health bureau by 8:30AM just to make sure there were no timing mishaps.

The prodding began right away with a general exam. Usual stuff. Cough, turn-around, which way is the “E” pointing, etc. Five more exams to go. I was pointed to the second test which was in a room next door.

I was greeted small window set in a blank wall.

Fast food delivery window?

Soon a woman poked her head out of the window and motioned me over. They just wanted blood. I was quite happy to see a box of new needles. I even got the first use out of one.

The factory line continued with a chest x-ray. In a small room off to the side was a computer - if you could call it that - with a small round viewport. I soon realized it was the screen for the x-ray machine. Looked like it was plundered from a WWII era submarine. I half-wanted to scream,


but realized I wouldn’t be understood.

Even more confidence was instilled when in the next session the ECG machine was electrically grounded to the steam radiator. Effective but crude. I guess three-prongs is a bit too much to ask for.

The rest of the exams were also pretty routine. I even had a ultrasound - I got the baby to stop kicking for a bit - my visas only good for 1.

All in all not nearly as bad as I had envisioned.

Off back to Guyuan!

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