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July 23, 2006 - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fat White Pooltoys

Group activity today was a trip out of Chiang Mai proper to a elephant camp and a “progressive orphanage”.

Th elephant camp was slightly stomach turning - elephants that used to be logging elephants now do daily shows, walking on their back legs, trumpeting loudly and eating bananas from tourists hands. I guess its an easier lifestyle and probably a happier existance but it’s still hard to see such magnificent animals be so trivialized.

After oogling the elephants for an hour we got on bamboo rafts and floated down the river for lunch. At the lunch place we met 20 or so kids from the orphanage and fooled around with them. The program director took us back as a group to the bankrupt resort he had purchased and we played pool toys for the kids for a couple of hours. Much kid tossing and jovialness.

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