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July 28, 2006 - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Feral Dog Packs

Chiang Mai Feral Dog Packs
There is quite the feral dog population here in Chiang Mai and they do their best to make their presence known. The first night here a couple of the vols were forced to retreat back to UNISERV after a minor run in.

You see them lounging singly or in small groups during the day - they ignore just about everything including you having to step over them on the sidewalk - but at night and early morning the pack mentality engages. Fortunatly I’ve only had 2 encounters, once on a early AM run and once at night. Both times the pack steered us clear of their stomping grounds - a single dog would usually approach fast, snarling and the group would be close behind. A few mock charges from us seem to result in detante.

Maybe I’ll have feral yak packs in Ningxia.

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