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September 1, 2006 - Guyuan, China

Guyuan Proud

Guyuan Archways

Guyuan is abuzz.

The main streets in town have been strung with banners of colorful cloth flags. Massive inflatable archways have been erected over the road. A cleaning crew is out in full force. The buzz is palpable.

Tomorrow there will be a major inspection of Guyuan Yi Zhong by the Ningxia Hui Education Bureau officials. Timing has been secretive for the last few days - will they show up today? or tomorrow? Finally we know.

I was fitted for a new school uniform by a local tailor just a few days ago. Myself and the 400+ other teachers will be modeling them. In tight formation.

The school grounds are still a mess however, the main gate to the school is a mudpit. Workers have been working around the clock. 24 hours a day to get it paved in brick. The weather hasn’t cooperated however - and I feel somebody might take the fall for it.

Where will the teachers stand? Where will the students march? Where will the officials park?

I hope the klieg lights across the wall mean the gate will be finished early tomorrow AM.

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