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August 18, 2006 - Nanjing, China


Thats what its called. KTV.

Don’t ask me why, I don’t know, and frankly I could really care less.

And I love it. If anybody knows me they know that feeling is deep-rooted.

However, when I say love - I mean hate.

Whatever it is called - KTV, karaoke or torture - its all the same. Some horrible songs put to some horrible videos, horribly crooned by a bunch of horrible people. Maybe skip that last horrible, but you get my point. Wo bu xihuan.

So thats what we did last night. A few bottles of beijiu, much practice of our falsettos and many embarrassing photos later Erin, Matt, Ben, Scott & I had proved our manhood. Mainly by singing love songs. To each other.

All in all is was ok.

But don’t tell anyone I said that.

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