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October 8, 2006 - Guyuan, China

Mid-Autumn Day Festival Vacation

Wutai Shan Tippy Top - Adam, Scott, Allister

40 some odd hours of travel and I’m right back where I started. Guyuan.

Certainly not disparaging the trip, quite the opposite in fact, but it’s nice to be back. It is comforting to fall right back into a schedule, eat familiar food, see familiar faces and sleep in your own bed.

I’m working on whittling down the electronic heap of photos I snapped. 350 of them. And there’s probably only 10 keepers. Cleaning the Augean stables… They will be posted as soon as I can, probably in waves.

Just to make things a little more orderly I’ll post-date the trip notes, and just like the photos, they’ll be in waves over the next few days.

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