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July 13, 2006 - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Morning Heat - No surprise there

Looks like I won’t be able to sleep past 7:30 on this trip… woke up to the bright Thai sun at the crack of dawn. A/C loudly whirring all night and a hard bed failed to keep me up and feeling decent from the dervish that was yesterday.

It’s hot. At 8 AM.

We found breakfast at a seemingly local cafeteria - I can’t describe them any other way - austere tiled floors, long wooden benches and a generic condiments centerpiece including pickled peppers, chilies and soy sauce. Small truckloads of workers pile in regularly and the rest of the crowd looked pretty authentic. The thai iced-coffee is stellar, potent coffee with coconut or condensed milk and sugar, much better than in the States or just more apt in this weather. Only after I lit into it did I remember the warnings against some ice in drinks. Time to start the questionable food tally. +1 for ice.

Ordered “juk”, the local rice dish for breakfast, think rice soup with fish. Awesome.

Checked out of the guest house and hailed a “tuk-tuk” for the ride to UNISERV.

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