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September 11, 2006 - Guyuan, China

New Job: Day One

Jobwise I can now paint another one one the cockpit. Teacher.

Walking into each class felt like walking into a press conference. The front of the room was a raised platform - about a foot off the ground - in front of that, a podium. I think I may have to bring my coat of arms to hang on the podium next class.

In each class at least a few students gave a small yelp as they saw me walk in the door - surprise I think - possibly the scary foreign teacher effect though. A round of applause followed. I could get used to that but I doubt it will keep up that much longer - maybe until they realize that I’m just another teacher. My shiny newness will likely decrease dramatically in the coming months.

The class went over swimmingly - at least in my opinion. We spent a bit of time on where I came from - the map I brought to class came in awfully handy - and then a bit of time on class rules.

Respect. Respect. Respect.

The kids themselves are great. Awesome in fact. Every class had a few students that were so eager to talk they couldn’t stay seated. Its funny - in the U.S. people raise their hands, here they stand up.

Speaking of raising hands, had to give a little lesson in that. Chinese way? Elbow on desk, little wave.

Four classes today - roughly the same each day - doesn’t seem too bad, though I might have to get back on that one.

More tomorrow!

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