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September 12, 2006 - Guyuan, China

New Job: Day Two

Classes again today. Guess this teachings things for real. Its been 3 months, maybe a bit more, that classes have been on the horizon. And here they are.

The students - my students - really do make the day a joy. From the little jokes about potatoes in Guyuan to the sparkle in the eye of an eager student.

A second day of hand-raising jokes. In my last 2 classes we actually practiced.

“Everybody, raise your hands.” Blank stares. I get those now. Alot. I raise my hand.

“Like this!”

I wave my hand.

A few hands raise. Elbows on table. Weak little hand wiggles. For some reason its like pulling teeth.

Time for a laugh. This has been formulaic. Guaranteed.

“In China.” I flop my elbow down on the podium - laughter.

“In America.”

My hand flies up. More laughter.

Tentative hand raising. I wash, rinse and repeat. Finally. Smiles all around the room and a sense of understanding.

I have a feeling thats what its all about.

Acting like a monkey.

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