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September 17, 2006 - General Memo

New! Slightly Improved!

Shy Pepper Man It happened. I had to.

That last thing was drowning in its own sea of white. Now I like negative space as much as the next fella’ but wow - talk about polar bears in a snowstorm.

Now I’m not suggesting this is the end all - it isn’t - but I think its a step. Maybe even a step in the right direction.

The Bonus Tracks

You can’t re-release without bonus tracks - everybody knows that.

Track 01. It’s All About Me

So now, not only can you email me - you can also send comments on each post (what an idea! comments! whoda thunk?), you can Skype me (VoIP is so damn cool) and my personal favorite - snail mail. There’s even a handy PDF to download with mailing labels. You betcha!

All hatemail, threats and viruses can be sent to - k?

In response to some of the “Who are you?” and “What the ‘ell?” the self-explanatory “say who?” section.

All in all probably my dearest track.

Track 02. It’s All About You

That’s right - I care about you too.

And back by lack of popular demand, site definitions. No more mixing up si and si. Just look for the underlined text and give it a little mouse over love - don’t even have to click!


Track 03. It’s All About Them

There are other people than us you know - quite selfish of you…

After some other cough you know who you are cough projects have fallen by the wayside, I needed someplace to dump my daily web reading.

Introducing the “Link Lovin’” section, daily link candy. Not to be confused with Daily Candy - but I’d take a few million for it.

Track 04. That’s All Folks

So that’s it.

Let me know what you think - get in touch - the 3 of you that now read this do mean….


Where was I?

» Link lovin’

BEAM Robotics - I had a brief stint where I tried to build a BEAM robot. Robots that emulate life, seeking out their own sustenance, in this case light. These just raise the level of cool. I mean HD platters as wheels?

A Real Pizza - This is just cruel. A real Pizza. Yes, cap “P”. Like the “G” in God. A clone of Patsy’s on 117th. I prefer Nicks on 94th but this would do. You can lookafool but still make a Pizza I see. Nice list on the bottom.

Do you support Unicode? Nice web site update, I love the offical red seal. Keep on truckin'!

(I am a robot, spammer and a Creationist.)

- 安然 on a Sunday

不 - and why would you want that?

You're still hankerin' for some Flash/Hypercard thing arn't you...

- allister on a Monday

God, I knew this would catch up to me... I'm hereby recommitting myself to "the wayside". I'll make sure Brian gets the memo. BTB (by the by), I really like this site. I myself am a robot who's prime directive is spamming Creationist propaganda.

- Keith on a Thursday

Recommited to the wayside?

You mean you are re-relegating yourself to obscurity?

...anyhow, looks like the goading finally worked.

- allister on a Thursday
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