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August 6, 2006 - Nanjing, China

Observations of the Day

I love bao zi. They range from fist-sized to half-fist-sized. Think puffy steamed dough surrounding a filling. I have been eating, on average, 4 a day and at only a couple of mao apiece I can sustain that habit indefinitly.

I need an editor. Grammar and spelling could use a lift.

My bed might be the firmest bed ever made. Think wool bedroll - perhaps 1/4” thick - laid on top of wooden slats. Thats it. Very meditative and cleansing. I feel pure just thinking about it.

Sarcasm is lost when you can’t speak the language. Dammit.

There are some pretty spectacular thunder/lightning storms here. I think the building next door just got hit. My ears are still ringing.

Sticky keyboards suck.

There are 3 guys next to me playing Dance Dance Revolution on computers. They came in holding hands. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Watching octigenarian women gracefully swing swords around for an hour at 7:30 in the morning is humbling.

There might be more watermelons in Nanjing than peopleand there are 5 million people. I have seen them piled in or on: Bikes, mopeds, sidewalks, roads, people, donkies, small children, vans and in internet cafes.

I relish getting a bit of gristle now at dinner. It means I can either plow through and enjoy or, preferably, hock it out on the table next to my plate. The more the better.

Did I mention I love bao ze?

Mandarin is tough.

Tumbleweeds... and no comments. How 'bout livening things up?

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