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August 16, 2006 - Nanjing, China

Pushing Air

Even warmer today - although the gods of oppression decided to add some rain - and instead of cutting the heat or dropping the humidity you just get wet faster.

The above photo isn’t fog, and it isn’t early morning. That’s 2 PM.

I don’t think that I have ever seen humidity. Fog, sure. Clouds, sure. But this is straight up heat + humidity.

Walking around feels a bit like swimming.

Enough complaining.

Bao zi for breakfast and lunch today. With breakfast I ordered a thin tube of soy milk. I decided before I ordered it that a nice cold tube would be refreshing. Tube is the correct term for it too. The thinnest possible plastic bag, sausage-shaped and filled with soy milk.

I almost jumped when it was handed to me. It was close to boiling.

It came in a second plastic bag with a pointed straw. Mmmm…. boiling milk on a sweltering day. Will order again now that I know what to expect.

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