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October 1, 2006 - Guyuan, China

Shanxi Bound

To show my appreciation for the P.R.C. & its National Day I will be traveling from October 2 until October 8 within Shanxi Province. I’m - hopefully, as none of us have cell-phones - going to be meeting up with some of the VIA crew in Taiyuan late Monday night. As soon as we’re up Tuesday morning we ship out of the polluted cloud that everyone says Taiyuan is, to Wutai Shan. In Buddhist lore, Wutai is the earthly residence of the great bodhisattva, Manjusri. It is hailed as one of the more beautiful regions of China.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, namely remote regions of China, I will be observing radio - and that means posting too - silence.

May have some good pictures on return.

Over & out.

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