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April 1, 2007 - Guyuan, China

Si Yue Yi Hao Kuai Le!

Love Yourself, Beware Dihydrogen Monoxide

This isn’t even sporting.

The old adage “Like shooting fish in a barrel,” is fitting.

I have, without the first whiff of suspicion aroused, convinced three people that I was being held at the local Public Security Bureau.

My crime? Falling asleep in the train bathroom.

The reactions have ranged from exclamatory gasps to dead, shocked silence - and all have offered to call the headmaster, the police, the army and come to the station themselves.

For some reason it’s just not as rewarding.

I had grandios plans of purchasing a red banner to hang across the school gate today reading something to the effect of,

“School Canceled Due to Dihydrogen Monoxide Contamination.”

But I figured that would land me a real trip to the Public Security Bureau. I guess I’m going to have to settle for picking off the weak and wounded from the edges of the pack.

Count your lucky stars I’m on the opposite side of the world…

Happy April Fools suckers.

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