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August 9, 2006 - Nanjing, China

The Cleansing

Maybe the streets aren’t the cleanest. Maybe the smell of nightsoil isn’t the rosiest. Maybe having the sidewalk tiles squirt sidewalk juice on your sandaled feet isn’t the coolest. Maybe almost being run over by a moped. Twice. Isn’t the safest.

But hot damn if eating a steaming plate of la chow mein in a steamy hole-in-the-wall while sweat drips down your nose isn’t cleansing.

It is hot here.

The last member of our China vols arrived last night - winning our FC a bet and a new house plant. Feels good to be the whole group again. Not that it’s going to last as we only have ~2 weeks left in Nanjing.

Times flies when your brains full.

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