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September 18, 2006 - Guyuan, China

The Fuzzy Little Things in Life

The Fuzzy Little Bastard There I am. Laying in the sun. Studying.

The sun here is great - it feels like one big sunspot in the middle of the living room - perfect for reading, lounging, studying and general enjoyment. But I digress…

Really. I was studying.

And then I feel something land on my stomach. Plenty of flies around - so I ignore it. The next thing I know I feel something crawl under my shirt.

Yes - under my shirt. Not on my shirt. Not over my shirt - under my shirt.

Realizing that something is wrong I put down my book and take a look.

Pulling back my shirt I see a fuzzy little thing - “thing” is about the only thing that would describe it - and that thing was going straight for my belly button.

A beeline in fact.

Reacting with my well-honed reflexes, I dealt with the issue.

But really, what would do that? “Aliens”-style fly? Pops out of my chest next… The fuzzy little thing tried eating me alive - from the inside out. Just check out the poker on it.

Got to watch out for the fuzzy ones.

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Do you remember when we were in grade school at Pearl Creek, and whenever we were really good, they would let us go to the library to make a "warm fuzzy" fluffball creature? Ok, so maybe not you... you were a naughty child.

Well, I always knew those "warm fuzzies" were evil any way. Would you like me to send you an Alaska-sized mosquito swatter? (I'm serious.)

You're hella-oooooooold friend,
Siobhan from Eskimo Land

- Siobhan on a Thursday


Talk about ancient history - this site has been pulling people out of the woodwork - and for the better. Great to hear from you.

Pearl Creek Elementary is something I havent thought about in a really really long time. I do remember the carpet covered hallways - kinda insane asylum-esque.

...and I wasn't that bad a kid...

You'd better send along a can of gas with the fly swatter, I have a feeling it would take that.

- allister on a Friday

Oh I guess you weren't really that bad of a kid, but I sure have some funny memories. You were sort of the leader in all of our (occasionally) mischievious expeditions---you know, crawling through culverts, spying on my sister, putting "surprises" in neighbors' mailboxes, writing naughty words in your mom's birthday card since it was in a different language and you figured she wouldn't know the difference (you're all on your own with that last one.... however I trust you are much more constructive with your knowledge of foreign language nowadays!! LOL!!!!) Oh man, I could go on with that list. I'm laughing so hard just thinking about it. Hey uh, you don't have to post this comment since we wouldn't want your friends knowing what a 'Dennis the Menace' you were! (Oh, ok... I'll take the blame for some of it.)

- Siobhan on a Sunday
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