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January 21, 2007 - Guyuan, China

The Restless Natives

The Boo & Hiss of It

For the first time this year I’m not welcome in my classes. This isn’t a small change in perception - we’re talking 180 degrees - it’s a massive swing towards anti-Allisterism.

That’s right. And the students let me know.

Walking into my first class this week, I heard a low groan, then a louder,


I was somewhat taken aback but not as much as with the class that obviously planned for my arrival with a hearty chant,

“Goodbye Mr. Allister, Goodbye Mr. Allister!”

as soon as I walked in. It was the best use of English I’d seen all year, at least I had spurred it on, although I could have wished for a more positive setting.


Because I decided to be a big mean nasty ogre on the last full week of classes.

I gave a test.

A honest to god, real test with a vocab section as well as a full listening and writing section. I received reports all week from the other teachers and how their students were on edge because of my test.

Poor things.

At least when we finished the test most of the students seemed quite relieved and ready to have me back. Nice of them.

I’m showing the classes I have this week Wallace & Grommit movies. Maybe that will make up for it.

Hong Kong Ho!

With classes winding down I can finally shift my mind over to travel. In less than a week I’m busing out of Guyuan.

A 30+ hour bus-ride in fact, diving straight down through the heart of China and into Guangzhou. From there it’s on to Hong Kong for our annual VIA meeting.

We wrangled and bucked and gnashed our teeth, but Hong Kong was finally chosen as this years conference location. A great springboard for travels afterwards to the rest of South East Asia.

That brings me to my next problem.

Where to go after conference? Vietnam, Laos, Brunei, Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand?

Any suggestions?

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