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December 6, 2006 - General Memo

Tracking Santa

Tracking My Santa

Package Delivered? Update?

I’ll preface this comment with a warning - it’s riddled with folly - that, and I make shameless plugs for packages. Consider yourself warned.

There is no reason that I should be as enamored with tracking systems as I am, but boy do I find it fun to keep tabs on packages. That and I can watch my Christmas presents slowly wind their way across the earth.

Speaking of such thing, my address is over there on the left. A scorned Chinese teacher can be a terrible force to reckon with…

Without further ado I present:

Tilly the Wonderous World Traveling Baoguo1

United States

12/04, 6:06 P.M., Billing Information Received

Let’s get this trackin’ party started…

New York, NY

12/04, 8:00 P.M., Origin Scan
12/04, 9:42 P.M., Departure Scan

Tilly merrily jingles through the Holland Tunnel. NJ ho!

Newark, NJ

12/04, 10:16 P.M., Arrival Scan
12/04, 11:01 P.M., Departure Scan

Careful in the armpit, we wouldn’t want a premature delivery to Hackensack or Orange or somewhere out there.


12/05, 1:21 A.M., Arrival Scan
12/05, 4:06 A.M., Departure Scan
12/05, 4:48 A.M., Departure Scan

Brave Tilly manages to rip through the space & time continuum. She has performed the unimaginable. Leaving Loisville twice, presumably to meet up with her slower self somewhere midair between here and who knows where. Bring a slugger with you - baseball could use a pick-me-up here in Guyuan.

Anchorage, AK

12/05, 6:48 A.M., Arrival Scan
12/05, 10:14 A.M., Departure Scan

Doing a rough guesstimate, I’d say our adventurer has gone about a third of the way in just over 24 hours. Too bad this will be the quick third.

Chek Lap Kok, HK

12/06, 2:20 P.M., Arrival Scan
12/06, 2:21 P.M., The Package Was Subject To An X-Ray Inspection Prior To Delivery; A Delay May Result
12/06, 2:21 P.M., Arrival Scan

She’s2 made it to Asia! Hope the luggage hold thawed by the time it got to Hong Kong.

Chek Lap Kok, HK

12/07, 6:44 A.M., The Package Was Subject To An X-Ray Inspection Prior To Delivery; A Delay May Result. Delivery Rescheduled

Poor Tilly! A second X-Ray! Somebody must have snuck some contraband on board… That or UPS is lying and trying to scheme their way out of delivery.

Xian, China

12/09, 11:09 A.M., Import Scan

Tilly’s making headway. I’m just hoping she doesn’t decide to take a detour and visit the Terracotta Warriors. They’re overrated Tilly, overrated!!

Xian, China

12/09, 5:50 P.M., Delivery

Delivery?!?! What? No package here! I’m hoping that this is a joke.

Ha! UPS you’re so funny. You got me!

Umm. Where’s Tilly?

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» Footnotes
  1. So I seem to have taken a shining to bestowing strange names on things. Phil. Tilly. Must be the noodles. «
  2. Just working on precident here. Boats are of the feminine persuassion, why not daring little packages? «

So glad that the package is providing such entertainment for you. Hope that it's ultimate arrival is just as exciting...

don't open until 12/25 or else...

or else you'll have to mess w santa!

- SMO on a Thursday

That sounds like a threat from Santa!

Who knew he was so vindictive...

- Allister on a Friday
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